Humanist/Non Religious Services

Humanist/Non Religious Services

Some people are either non-believers or do not have strong connections with a church but have a basic faith.

Because the number of churchgoers is dwindling many people feel that they don't want a religious service or may want a service with only a short prayer or hymn.

A Humanist funeral is taken by a Humanist Celebrant who will not have any religious slant to the service. A Funeral Celebrant is a person that will take the service but is happy to have a prayer or hymn.

Humanist and Funeral Celebrants go to the trouble to spend time with the family building the eulogy to be exactly what you want and to be a fitting tribute to the deceased.

Our Funeral Celebrants are Hilary Steel and Yvonne Roberts.

Today, many people are looking for alternative ways to demonstrate their own personal spirituality and beliefs. As a Funeral Celebrant I am committed to providing bespoke ceremonies that will reflect the beliefs, lifestyle and personality of your loved one.

I will meet you in your own home or at William Whitmey's premises, whichever is best for you. This meeting generally takes one to two hours. During this time, we will explore ways of making the service as meaningful and as personalised as possible. Participation by family members and friends is always encouraged.

Once all of the elements of the service are discussed and decided upon, I will write an appropriate and customised service. In this way, I can create a smooth-flowing, beautifully crafted tribute for your loved one.

As necessary, I will assist the various speakers before the event and oversee the ceremony's design and delivery.

During the event, I will facilitate and guide the proceedings, make any necessary announcements, as well as leading individuals through any readings or rituals within the ceremony.