Choose the best funeral option for you

We offer traditional cremation or burial services and provide a wide selection of coffins and caskets. Mainly we offer four funeral options starting with the BASIC OPTION where we offer a veneered oak, mahogany or sepele coffin. This includes the hearse and we carry out the funeral on a day and time that is suitable to ourselves.

We also offer the BRONZE OPTION. This includes all of the above but with this option you may choose the day and time of the funeral subject to the availability of the Crematorium/Cemetery. There is also a wider coffin selection and viewing in our Chapel of Rest.

The SILVER OPTION includes the above but with ONE following limousine that seats six people. There is an upgraded coffin with this option with viewing in our Chapel of Rest.

Our GOLD OPTION includes the hearse and TWO following limousines, viewing in our Chapel of Rest and a superior coffin range.

Please contact us for any inquiries as to the range we offer and cost.